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Information related to copyright protection for original works of authorship.

Artist Sells Record for Change + Muffin Tin; Should Have Hired Attorney

Steven Colbert (with an assist from Elvis Costello) took the opportunity to discuss the very serious issues of “gray market” goods and copyright in the context of global commerce: Although ┬áthe bit mostly humorous (and implements a slightly dubious application … Continue reading

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International Copyright Protection

Clients often ask our copyright attorneys about international copyright protection for their creations. Copyright law does not have a centralized system in place for registering IP protection internationally like with patent law and trademark law. Instead, certain foreign countries protect … Continue reading

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Registering your Copyright: Why it Pays to Act Quickly

Many creative individuals delay registering their copyrights for a variety of reasons, but delaying your copyright registration can significantly weaken your intellectual property protection. Waiting too long to register your copyright can waive your right to the enhanced monetary remedies … Continue reading

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