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Barbie-Life in Plastic, IP Protections are Fantastic

I recently heard that Barbie got a diversity make-over but it seems she has been getting a makeover since her first appearance March of 1959 (March 9th is considered her birthday just so you know). During the 57 years of … Continue reading

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Thank You Air-Conditioning Inventor(s)-We Appreciate You

Many Portlanders don’t have air conditioning in their homes and rightfully so. Until the last few years, summers in Portland were warm, but not scorching. The past few summers have shown high temperatures especially in the July and August months. … Continue reading

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Everything is Awesome Including Legos and Blogs

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, my brother and I dumped bins of legos on the floor and made exciting projects, and quite the mess. Despite my Mom or Dad stepping on a lego or two barefoot or our dog realizing … Continue reading

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Lawyering about Olympic Intellectual Property Matters Could be an Olympic Sport

In a fascinating article, Marianne Wiithrich, Trademark Senior Legal Counsel of the International Olympic Committee, poetically explains that Olympic logos and pictures are not just logos. The intellectual properties are “…the visual ambassadors of Olympism… The five interlocking rings represent … Continue reading

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Branching Out-What is a Plant Patent?

I love plants. We eat them, hike through them, decorate with them, and sometimes talk to them. I personally don’t talk to my plants but some do and that’s ok. Mother Nature is not a patent holder but if she were, … Continue reading

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Mohr IP Law Sets Sail

Last week our firm got together to enjoy some summer weather and each other’s company by taking a cruise on the Williamette River in Portland, OR. We had a great time and came back to shore extra motivated and a … Continue reading

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