New Client Activity

We appreciated the opportunity to meet with 7 potential clients this week to discuss patent and trademark services with them. This week we were pleased to add 5 new clients to our firm. 4 of these clients are Oregon based and 1 is based in Washington.

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1 Response to New Client Activity

  1. Hi my name is Angelina.
    I would love to own at least half or more of the Company . Who ” supposedly” invented the Lighter Leash.
    I Ms. Martinez declare under penalty and perjury, claim I am the original inventor . After Opera show in year 1999-2000. I called the caveman cartoon with a wheel and tool chisiling. 1800 number in SLC Utah spoke specifically to Carson Wilix as my advisor drew it wrote it down submited it . Later found he stole my idea :/ I was 15 when I invented it n have 3 eye witnesses who applauded me . plus more so after the low price I assumed… Was told by all 3 witnesses ” heck ya they would buy it” unfortunately …. My son was in my belly in 2002 unfortunately n a first time single mom n didn’t have the funds nor did I smoke. I still thought it was brilliant so that said It was 20 yrs ago I am now 37 . I still have all the original paper work and pie graph of my 75 _88 plus % success rate and Invent a tech. Brochures and original envelope dates from SLC . Carson Wilix was to help patent in 2002_ end 2003. I seen it many years later. My son is now 16. And I’m still single. 2 children broke former student /tech collage grad. Trying to survive and pissed as hell. Please help . please . also do u know of a good lawyer who can represent me in any of these below cases.
    *non_ hodgkins lymphoma / just read 225 pages that definitely qualify my daughters cancer at age 1 to 2 when diagnosed have proof. Or I’ll call 1800 on tv number.
    * Hud/ Kier . I did homework .followed hierchy and can now file a Judicial Law Administrative judge review
    Mold grew. Kier failed to provide safe hazard free housing for me n kids. I sought refuge to mothers care. Took 6 months to take out mold new sheetrock n carpet. Failure to act promptly. Retaliation . protected class. Sexual misconduct by Maitenence. Failed to pay mother. Disregarded my childrens health. Failed to post credit on my account. 3 threatened pay or vacates. Harassment ? Failed to reimburse water damages to my personal PROPERTY over 5000. Requested surety info. Never gave it still to me. Caused me to stress so bad included w next Litigation. My hair fell out . I’m embarrassed sad and injured my reputation self confidence of always having long hair. It really is a huge part of my Mexican religion to have long hair til u marry…. :'(…
    3rd … DUI first ever Alcohol 2007 . 2 years probation . completed March 1 2019 . falsely incarcerated by EX PO she lied . proof my 3 UAs same day given by Weber Sherriffs Department Jail. All negative UAs. Somehow did a month then terminated . Abuse of Authority. Retaliation. Due process violated. While incarcerated .sexual misconduct . Excessive bail and fines. Falsely accused. Failed Fiduciary duty. misconduct.

    * oh and Consignment . breach of contract . I want my 1968 Chevy Impala back from Orem Auto . important this week. I notified him certified mail of rescinding contract and pick up classic.
    Please please help me . I have to make it for my k8ds in life . ya know? I got 4 damn good cases.
    My purpose is not so much so momentary gain but purpose of Securing a good and better future for my kids. And for them to stand up. Educate and peruse you’re dreams . stands strong 💪 w confidence n walk w a Civil strong stride. If I have to pay for bad things I do. So should they.

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