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Survey Illustrates Importance of Filing Patent Applications Early

Today on his patent-focused blog Patently-O, Dennis Crouch, a law professor that focuses on patent law, provided the results of a survey that reviewed the age of patents at the time they are enforced: The most striking thing about … Continue reading

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Broad Patent Protection

Often, new inventors are initially concerned that the first draft of their patent application, as written by a patent attorney, does not fully protect their invention. New inventors are, rightfully, invested in their invention and wish to protect and describe … Continue reading

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Trademark Statement of Use

Small business owners seeking to establish trademark protection for their brands often times run into issues regarding the statement of use requirement when seeking to register their trademarks. In particular, trademark clients may not be commercially using their trademarks when … Continue reading

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Presidential Candidates Discuss International Patent Enforcement at Debates

In you watched the Presidential debates between President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney, you may have noticed references to patent law. In particular, Governor Romney referenced the difficulty small businesses may have enforcing patents against Chinese counterfeiters. While … Continue reading

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Design Patent Protection Adds Intellectual Property Value

Design patent protection is appropriate for any new, original, and ornamental design for articles of manufacture. The statute in the Patent Act providing for design patent protection is 35 U.S.C. 171. Often, inventors can be confused by the difference between … Continue reading

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Patent Strategies that Patent Attorneys and Inventors Should Always Consider

Patent attorneys approach the patent application process with an awareness that the things they say and do on the patent application record will directly impact their clients’ patent rights. In particular, patent attorneys must be mindful of limiting statements and … Continue reading

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