Broad Patent Protection

Often, new inventors are initially concerned that the first draft of their patent application, as written by a patent attorney, does not fully protect their invention. New inventors are, rightfully, invested in their invention and wish to protect and describe their “baby” down to the last widget. Importantly, specific and narrow patent drafting, which is sometimes requested by clients, is often contrary to the client’s interest when maximizing patent protection is the goal.

In reality, a well-drafted patent discloses the full subject matter contemplated by the inventor in both broad and narrow terms. An experienced patent attorney can maximize patent protection for the invention by carefully drafting claims that cover the most subject matter possible. Moreover, ensuring broad patent protection provides inventors with better protection against undesirable infringement and can dissuade competitors from making copy-cat products.

If you have further questions regarding maximizing patent protection for your invention, contact one of the patent attorneys at Mohr Intellectual Property Law.

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