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Using a Webpage as a Trademark Specimen of Use

Trademark specimens of use based on webpage content have special requirements of which trademark applicants should be aware. When relying on a specimen of use from a webpage, the Trademark Office requires the specimen to show a connection between the … Continue reading

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Unanimous Supreme Court Decision on Genetics Patents

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a unanimous decision that patent protection is not available for naturally occurring human genes. Patent protection is not available even if a company goes to substantial lengths to be the first … Continue reading

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White House Announces Action Against “Patent Assertion Entities”

On June 4, 2013, the White House issued legislative recommendations and executive actions directed to curbing activities of “Patent Assertion Entities.” The legislative recommendations, which provide more substantial changes to the patent system, have no impact unless Congress passes laws … Continue reading

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Information Disclosure Statements for Patent Applications

Everyone involved with filing a U.S. patent application has a duty of candor and good faith with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The duty applies to the inventor, the patent owner (if different) and the patent attorney … Continue reading

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