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Information related to patent protection for inventions.

Are there any rules that we should be aware of for selling a patent pending product?

The most important rule is that products should be marked with the patent number once the patent issues, e.g., Pat. No. #,###,###. Marking products covered by the patent gives constructive notice of your patent rights and constructive or actual notice … Continue reading

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When do I need to file a patent application for international patent protection after filing a provisional patent application?

The key date for international patent protection will be 12-months after you file your provisional patent application. Before the 12-month period following your provisional patent application elapses, you will want to file an international patent application if you are interested … Continue reading

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I have pending patent applications – can I sue someone infringing my patent claims?

Until the Patent Office examines your patent applications, deems your inventions eligible for patent protection, and issues you a patent, we do not have patent rights to enforce against infringers in court. We can send cease-and-desist letters informing infringers of … Continue reading

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How should I contact companies to license my patent pending invention?

Many companies specify mailing addresses to receive invention submissions from inventors or have online invention submission capabilities. Following the procedures specified by a company is a great place to start and establishing a connection with a company representative by other … Continue reading

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Should I file a continuation patent application?

There are two main reasons why people file continuation patent applications: To pursue a second patent with broader patent protection for the invention than was obtained in the first patent; and To preserve their ability to direct claims in a … Continue reading

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Does a Patent Office Action Mean My Invention is Not Eligible for Patent Protection?

No, an Office Action from the Patent Office does not mean that you can never obtain patent protection for your invention. It is common for the Patent Office to reject inventions during the first round of examination of a patent … Continue reading

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Which is best for me – a provisional patent application or a nonprovisional patent application?

Utility patent applications can be filed on either a provisional non-provisional basis. The decision whether to file a provisional patent application versus a non-provisional patent application depends on your readiness to invest more fully in your concept and how quickly … Continue reading

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I have a provisional patent application and a corporation is using my invention: what can I do?

If you have concerns about a corporation using your invention without authorization or without compensating you, filing a nonprovisional patent application based on your provisional patent application will be important. Enforceable patent rights come only from an issued patent and … Continue reading

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How do PCT Applications work?

The PCT process starts by filing a PCT International Phase application. Our current fee for a PCT International Phase application is $8,900 if starting from scratch or from a provisional patent application. Our fee is $4,450 if starting from a … Continue reading

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When does the Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act go into effect?

The Patent Law Treaties Implementation Act (the PLTIA) implements the Geneva Act of the Hauge Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Industrial Designs. The Hauge Agreement makes filing international design patent applications more straightforward and less expensive. In particular, the … Continue reading

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