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I have pending patent applications – can I sue someone infringing my patent claims?

Until the Patent Office examines your patent applications, deems your inventions eligible for patent protection, and issues you a patent, we do not have patent rights to enforce against infringers in court. We can send cease-and-desist letters informing infringers of … Continue reading

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Patent Insurance Considerations

Patent insurance comes in different forms and may be a useful product for your business. Whether you need insurance against being sued for patent infringement when you launch a new product or need financing to enforce your patent rights, there … Continue reading

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Mohr IP Law Patent Litigators Prevail in Markman Hearing

The patent litigators at Mohr IP Law recently prevailed in a Markman hearing for their client as part of a patent infringement lawsuit. A Markman hearing is a unique component of patent infringement litigation and involves establishing what a disputed … Continue reading

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