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Patent Office Director Hints that Software Patents will be Reviewed Favorably

The Director of the Patent Office recently communicated an important notice regarding software patent applications. In a potentially sweeping statement, the Patent Office Director communicates his view that the Patent Office should not focus on whether a given software invention … Continue reading

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Patent Office Publishes Proposed Rules for First-Inventor-to-File System

Today, the United States Patent & Trademark Office published proposed rules for implementing the new first-inventor-to-file system for establishing priority to inventions. The America Invents Act changed the invention priority system in the United States from a first-to-invent to a … Continue reading

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Final Rules in Place for Submitting Prior Art Against Competitors’ Patent Applications

When used strategically, a preissuance submission can stop a competitor’s patent from issuing and interfering with your business. Indeed, preissuance submissions are a tool that our patent attorneys can use to help you get key prior art before a patent … Continue reading

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Registering your Copyright: Why it Pays to Act Quickly

Many creative individuals delay registering their copyrights for a variety of reasons, but delaying your copyright registration can significantly weaken your intellectual property protection. Waiting too long to register your copyright can waive your right to the enhanced monetary remedies … Continue reading

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Patent Office Director Discusses Appeal Fees

One of the changes resulting from the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) is a change to the fee for filing an appeal with the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Patent appeals sometimes arise as part of the patent application process. … Continue reading

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Trademarks are Big Business

Highlighting how valuable trademark rights can be, Apple, Inc., recently agreed to pay $60 million dollars to secure the rights to the iPad trademark in China. The settlement agreement entered into by Apple not only demonstrates the value of the … Continue reading

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Forbes Magazine Reinforces the Importance of Provisional Patent Applications

In its article, Five Legal Pitfalls That Sink Many Good Startups, Forbes Magazine reinforces the importance of provisional patent applications for start-up businesses: Disclosing inventions before the patent application is filed.Entrepreneurs often put off the hassle and the cost of … Continue reading

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