Artist Sells Record for Change + Muffin Tin; Should Have Hired Attorney

Steven Colbert (with an assist from Elvis Costello) took the opportunity to discuss the very serious issues of “gray market” goods and copyright in the context of global commerce:

Although  the bit mostly humorous (and implements a slightly dubious application of the First Sale doctrine near the end…), it serves as a reminder that capitalizing on creative works is often difficult and requires creative solutions. In particular, the negotiation between Messrs. Colbert and Costello illustrate the difficulty many artists ultimately have in negotiating fair compensation for their creative works.

While one may (perhaps justifiably) argue that there are perhaps insufficient systems for budding and independent artists to receive proper compensation for their works. Many existing compensation systems are complex and leave artists with only a small percentage of money received for their works. These same inefficiencies, however, also provide an opportunity for artists who devise their own creative ways to deliver their works to consumers.

If you have questions about protecting yourself as you market and sell your creative works, or how copyright protection can fortify intellectual property protection, call one of the experienced copyright and intellectual property attorneys at Mohr Intellectual Property Law.

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