Beyoncé and Beyond-IP Law in the News

These stories will not only teach you a little bit about intellectual law but will provide fun, conversation pieces. Now let’s get in formation…


With Twins on the Way, Business Mogul Beyoncé Wants to Make Baby Products Named After Her First Child, Blue Ivy


And… Beyoncé is Being Sued for $20 Million for Using Parts of Youtube Videos in Her Songs


A Delicious Story Asking: Does IP Law Protect Pastry and Cake Designs?


The Case of the Kylies-Kylie Minogue Doesn’t Have Patience for Kylie Jenner


After a 10 Year Fight, Donald Trump Secures a Chinese Trademark


A Federal Judge has Refused to Dismiss a Lawsuit that Claims NBC’s “Timeless” Show is a Rip-off of a Spanish TV Show Called “El Ministerio del Tiempo”

At Mohr IP Law, we’re not pregnant with twins, but sometimes our staff wears similar clothes without pre-coordination. The internet calls this “Twinning.”  Contact us today to start your trademark, patent, or copyright application. We can’t promise to look as good as Beyoncé, but we definitely share a similar work ethic.   

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