New Year, New Intellectual Property News

When Patent Infringements and Needed Medicine Get Intertwined…


China’s innovation future depends on intellectual property rights protection


Tiffany and Co. successfully sues Costco for calling rings “Tiffany.” Costco says Tiffany is generic and can be a description not just a brand. Court disagrees and Tiffany wins their trademark case…


The UN Establishes a technology bank for least developed countries that will help their IP rights and protection process…


Apple applied for a patent in 2009 on its method of using a sustained touch to activate an icon, which then allows a person to drag the icon to a new location on the screen. A patent examiner found the claim obvious. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit agreed with Apple that the USPTO failed to sufficiently explain why Apple’s method for reconfiguring touchscreen icons is unpatentable due to obviousness…

pet-news-stock-photos-pictures-royalty-free-pet-news-images-and-intended-for-dog-news-150x150.jpgOur team loves reading the news. We believe that knowledge is power but so is intellectual property protection. Read the news in 2017 but also make the news (if that is your goal). Contact us today for a 30 minute no-cost consultation.



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