Mohr IP Law Client Scratch and Grain Gets Deal on Shark Tank!


Congratulations to Leah and Taya at Scratch & Grain for securing a deal on last night’s episode of Shark Tank! Scratch & Grain is a Portland based company selling innovative boxed cookie baking kits with ingredients packaged individually and with a convenient labeling system for guiding one through the baking process. From personal experience, I can report that the cookies taste amazing – and all the sharks loved them too.

Scratch and Grain on Shark Tank

Leah and Taya presented their patent pending product and brand on national television to a panel of “Shark” investors on the popular ABC program Shark Tank. They secured investment offers from 2 of the 5 Sharks and accepted a six-figure offer from Barbara Corcoran. Barbara Corcoran is known for developing brands and rapidly increasing sales and revenue for the companies she invests in. Scratch & Grain will have an excellent partner with whom to grow the business.

Mohr IP Law is pleased to see its clients succeed and to gain national exposure on shows like Shark Tank. Leah and Taya have done an excellent job to build Scratch & Grain to the success it is today, and I expect their company will soon experience tremendous growth following the national attention it received on Shark Tank.

Another Mohr IP Law client, Turbo Pup, will be on next week’s episode of Shark Tank. We encourage everyone to watch that episode as well.

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