When do I need to file a patent application for international patent protection after filing a provisional patent application?

The key date for international patent protection will be 12-months after you file your provisional patent application. Before the 12-month period following your provisional patent application elapses, you will want to file an international patent application if you are interested in pursuing international patent protection. We schedule reminder letters about international patent protection to send you approximately 9 months after we file your provisional patent application (and again at 10 months and 11 months). However, you can file an international patent application any time before the 12-month priority deadline.

International patent protection is an involved process that is generally undertaken on a per-country basis, so you will want to decide which countries are important for your business objectives during the 12-month priority window established by your provisional patent application. There is a way to reserve the right to later pursue patent protection in approximately 145 countries by filing a single patent application. This single patent application is known as a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application.

Under our current pricing, you can budget approximately $8,900 to file this application 12-months from your provisional patent application if you decide international patent protection is something you wish to pursue. We do not need to wait the entire 12-month period if you want to start the international process sooner. There will be additional fees per country approximately 30 months from your provisional patent application filing date with the PCT application approach. Alternatively, you can seek protection in a single country directly for around $7,000.

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