How do PCT Applications work?

The PCT process starts by filing a PCT International Phase application. Our current fee for a PCT International Phase application is $8,900 if starting from scratch or from a provisional patent application. Our fee is $4,450 if starting from a U.S. nonprovisional patent application. A PCT International Phase Application establishes a priority date for your invention in approximately 145 countries.

The next step in the process is to pursue patent protection in one or more of the 145 countries within 30 months of your earliest priority date. Our patent attorneys accomplish this by preparing and filing PCT National Stage applications in a given country in conjunction with local attorneys in that country. Separate National  applications are needed for each country of interest; however, it is possible to include most European countries in a single national stage filing with the European Patent Office. Our current fees for the national stage applications are approximately $4,500 per country.

The national stage applications are then examined by patent examiners in the respective countries. As part of the international phase, there will be an international patent search performed and a preliminary patent eligibility opinion rendered by an international searching authority. This written search report will provide useful information shortly after filing the international phase PCT application.

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