Trademarks are Big Business

Highlighting how valuable trademark rights can be, Apple, Inc., recently agreed to pay $60 million dollars to secure the rights to the iPad trademark in China. The settlement agreement entered into by Apple not only demonstrates the value of the right trademark, it also serves as a cautionary tale for trademark owners: be diligent in protecting your trademarks internationally.

U.S. companies who secure U.S. trademark rights must also consider whether they need to secure international trademark rights. It comes as a surprise to some, but a U.S. trademark does not automatically reserve that trademark for the U.S. trademark owner in foreign countries. However, there are priority mechanisms that trademark attorneys can use to secure your U.S. trademark in foreign countries.

Talk to one of our Portland trademark attorneys for more information about protecting your trademark on the international stage. We guarantee that  it will be much cheaper than paying $60 million to a company that snaps up your trademark in a foreign country before you.

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